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Prompt and Excellent Garbage Pickup

Get prompt and excellent garbage pickup services from Otis Collins Trash & Container Service in Tulsa, OK. We do our part in keeping the area and surrounding communities clean. Never worry about your trash sitting out on the curb for long, we follow a strict service schedule.

Convenient Garbage Services

When you need trash disposed in an earth-friendly manner, we are the guys to call. It doesn’t matter how much. Our professional team and industrial-grade equipment are ready for whatever you can throw at us. We take our business seriously and do our best to provide what the client needs.

Keep Your Trash in Check

Keep trash in check by calling us at 918-834-7884. Talk to our friendly operators and learn about the services we offer or to schedule garbage pickup. We strive to meet our schedule without sacrificing the quality of our work. We look forward to serving you soon.

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Phone: 918-834-7884
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